It is important to create an effective platform for knowledge-exchange on how to apply constantly evolving ICTs to meet the needs of human life as well as sustainable e-society and e-business. In order to build ICT-based information society, we organized the 11th IAC Annual Meeting from June 27-28, 2016. This forum focused on ICT-involved innovations and advanced topics on ICT strategy included Waseda - IAC e-Gov Rankings, Silver marketing: new value propositions for the senior customer, etc. 

This event brought together leading experts from industry, government, academia and civil society to discuss how we can effectively leverage innovation to transform a society challenge like “ageing” into an opportunity for growth, prosperity and social cohesion.  

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» Prof. Dr. Obi received 2017 ICT Leader in Japan

Prof. Dr. Obi, President of IAC, received the most distinguished award on 2017 ICT Leader in Japan twodays ago.This annual award was started 62 years ago for commemorating the ICT leader in Japan in memory of Mr.Hisoka Maejima who is the founder of the Ministry of ICT about 100 years ago.

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» 2nd APEC e-Government Forum & 10th IAC

» First IAC Professional Certificates Awarded

» Prof.Obi received the MIC Minister’s Award

» Prof. Obi attended the launching of the first Thailand Digital Government Academy

IAC is one among 10 partners to join the MOUs and LOIs signing ceremony for academic and professional cooperation in propelling the capability building of local government digital.

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» IAC Annual General Meeting in Milan, 2016

» The 2nd APEC e-Government Forum with IAC

» 10th Anniversary of IAC

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